Four Great Tips for Planning the Perfect, Healthy Picnic

You’ve no doubt already heard the fabulous news that the famous groundhog known as Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow and predicted that an early spring is headed our way. Nothing could be nicer than saying goodbye to winter a little sooner and welcoming in the beautiful season of spring, and planning a fun picnic outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

Enjoy a Healthy Picnic

Here at our health food store, we understand that those who are dedicated to healthy eating may shy away from the idea of traditional picnic fare. However, you’ll have nothing to fear when you combine your picnic and organic foods together for a healthy meal. Our staff has come up with some great ways to help you enjoy your picnic while staying true to your healthy lifestyle.

Picnic on the beach

1. Check the Weather

Pay attention to your local weather forecast before you head off for your picnic. You definitely don’t want to have your day ruined by a spring thunderstorm, and you might want to take a light jacket in the event that it’s still a bit cool in your area.

2. Pick a Great Spot

While you may already have a favorite picnic spot, this is a good time to branch out a little in search of new adventures. Look for a picnic area that has a small lake with paddle-boat rentals or some nice nature trails, and you can get your daily exercise in a fun, new way. Be sure to bring along appropriate foot wear if you plan to hike.

3. Pack Good Foods in Your Picnic Basket

Here at our health food store, we have several foods that will help you combine your picnic and organic foods together for a tasty outdoor meal. Some of our favorites include Curt’s classic kale chips

, a wonderful assortment of dried fruits that include mango and papaya , Betty Lou’s incredibly delicious protein balls and many other healthy, delicious food choices that would be perfect for a picnic.

We also have all of the bottled water that you’ll want to take along. If your picnic happens to be for adults only, then you might also like to include a bottle of our amazing De Martino organic wine. Don’t forget to bring your wine-bottle opener and plastic cups.

De Martino organic wine  Kurts Classic Kale Chips  Dried mango for picnic  IMG_0735

4. Bring the Sunscreen

Spending time in the sunshine is actually good for you because it gives you a nice boost of vitamin D, which plays an important part in bone health, and the sun can even increase the levels of serotonin in your body, which can leave you feeling calm, focused and happy. However, you still need to protect yourself from too much sun exposure that could lead to skin cancer. You should choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is resistant to water so that you don’t simply sweat it off, and make sure that you pick one with an SPF of no less than 15.

A Picnic at the beach with Wine