Thanksigiving Is Coming: Enjoy Healthier Digestion With the Right Enzymes and Probiotics
A great many Americans face an unpleasant variety of digestive issues and weight problems thanks to a fast-paced life that seems to demand quick meals with very little nutritional value. Chances are good that your life isn’t going to slow down at any time in the near future, but you can feel better by making sure your body receives the proper enzymes and probiotics that are necessary for good digestive health.

How Enzymes and Probiotics Protect You

Digestive enzymes break down your food so that your body can absorb the needed nutrients, and probiotics are live, helpful bacteria and yeasts that work to aid each of your digestive processes. Both are found naturally in your body and in many foods and supplements, and they work hard to make your digestive system healthy and working at its best level of efficiency. Enzymes and probiotics can achieve many amazing results.

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  • Improves Health Conditions:Those who suffer from such maladies as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome will often see huge improvements when they add foods or a supplement that puts more good enzymes and probiotics into their body. Because your stomach is the key to your overall good health, this may also help with skin conditions such as eczema. Better oral health, fewer colds and allergies and improved urinary health have also been reported.
  • Regulates Bacteria:Your body is full of both good and bad bacteria, and adding good enzymes and probiotics can help keep everything properly regulated so that you can stay healthy. You can expect the amount of bad bacteria to be lowered, and you’ll also find that lost good bacteria will be replaced much more quickly.

Adding Enzymes and Probiotics to Your Diet

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  • Eat More Good Foods:Several foods can load you up with these needed enzymes and probiotics. A breakfast of yogurt and toast made of sourdough bread is a great start to your day, or maybe you’d like to add a glass of buttermilk or a sour pickle to your dinner. You’ll also find that sauerkraut and most soft cheeses are also a great source.


  • Use Great Daily Supplements:Because it’s not easy to always eat right, you can simply take good supplements that will add these needed enzymes and probiotics to your diet. Excellent choices include the trusted Dr. Perlmutter-formulated Garden of Life probiotics and the Advanced Enzyme System that has been developed by Rainbow Light.  Both of which you can find at Healthfully Yours in Stuart.

Let Us Help

Here at our health food store, we understand that an unruly digestive system can literally keep you from enjoying any aspect of your life. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help, and we want to work with you to find what works best specifically for your unique situation. We carry several completely natural products that are designed to restore your digestion, and these products include those mentioned above. Please feel free to drop by and visit us today, and we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have.