Natural and Simple Ways to Fight Inflammation and Joint Pain

Conditions that leave you with chronic inflammation and joint pain can become truly disabling. You may find yourself unable to handle your job duties or even complete the tasks that are necessary to properly care for yourself and your children. Arthritis is a leading cause of inflammation and joint pain, and that alone affects one out of every five Americans. You may also suffer from these symptoms if you are afflicted with conditions that include bursitis, fibromyalgia, gout and lupus.

In many cases, your doctor will be able to ease your symptoms with a combination of medications and physical therapy, but the side effects of some of those medications may leave you feeling worse than ever. Fortunately, there are some natural foods and supplements that may greatly decrease or even eliminate your inflammation and joint pain.

Joint Pain and Inflammation on woman
Tackle Your Pain Naturally

• Switch to Whole-Grain Products: Those who suffer from chronic joint point are often found to have low levels of the antioxidant selenium in their body. Studies indicate that higher levels of selenium may decrease inflammation and the accompanying joint pain, and you can get more selenium by eating whole-wheat breads and pastas. Also, choosing brown rice instead of white rice can lower the levels of the C-reactive protein in your body, which can drastically reduce inflammation.

• Try Some Olive Oil: It may sound incredible, but you can get the same good effects from olive oil as you do from taking an aspirin. Both will put a stop to the production of the chemicals that are responsible for causing inflammation. Extra-virgin olive oil will give you the best results, and you can substitute it for other oils when cooking and sprinkle a bit on many of your foods.

• Have Fish Twice a Week: Enjoy some baked or grilled salmon, add some anchovies to your pizza or nibble on some nice sardines or herring with crackers just twice a week, and you may soon see your inflammation and joint pain dissipate or disappear. This is due to the inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids that are found in these particular types of fish.

• Add Appropriate Supplements to Your Diet: Turmeric is a spice that adds flavor to many recipes, and it has been used to treat inflammation and joint pain for literally thousands of years. You can get the appropriate dose to help alleviate your symptoms by picking up a bottle of GAIA Turmeric Supreme. A natural Traumeel gel may also be applied to specific areas of your body to help combat and heal your joint pain.


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