September 2015 Newsletter | Energy!

Excellent Ways to Keep Your Body Energized
As active members of society, we all want to be able to play with our children, enjoy quality time with our spouse, perform our jobs well and enjoy our favorite activities with friends. Sadly, the simple lack of energy can bring all of these experiences to a screeching halt. There’s nothing worse than waking up with absolutely no energy or losing what little energy you have before your day is even half over. The great news is that there are several simple ways that you can give your body the energy that it needs to perform at optimal levels, so that you can feel great and live your life to the fullest.

Bring On That Energy

• Amp Up Your Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: Feelings of fatigue are among the first signs of a serious lack of vitamin C, but you can easily avoid that and boost your energy levels by adding fruits that include strawberries, kiwis, grapefruits and oranges to your daily diet. Many vegetables, such as the sweet potato and spinach, will also provide you with long-lasting energy.

• Go Nuts: Magnesium is a superstar at turning sugar into energy, and you can get that much-needed mineral into your body with a few good nuts. Enjoy a handful of hazelnuts, almonds or cashews, and feel your energy levels soar. Brazil nuts contain selenium, which is known to lift your mood. When you feel better, you are likely to have much more energy.

• Get Active: It’s necessary for you to get your body moving on a regular basis for your energy to stay at optimal levels. Most people cringe at the thought of exercise, but it’s actually a really easy chore once you’ve found something that you love to do. For at least 30 minutes a day, get yourself going by swimming, dancing, jumping rope, working out to a favorite exercise video, playing a fun sport or taking your dog for a great walk.

• Add Good Supplements to Your Diet: If you don’t get enough vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin and folic acid in your diet, then these are great vitamins to take to help keep you energized. Many people find that a good protein energy shake gives them the energy that they need to get in a great workout or keep their energy up when they miss a meal. Gaia for adrenal health has also been used as an effective supplement by many health-conscious people. It not only supports your immune system, but it also helps to prevent adrenal fatigue for better overall energy.

Visit Your Health Food Store Today

Not everything works the same for everyone, so it’s a great idea to visit the knowledgeable folks at your local health food store. While it’s always important to follow your doctor’s medical advice, you will also find that the helpful and friendly staff at Healthfully Yours can point you in the direction of the right products to help you achieve your ultimate energy goals.